Instagram ‘Beauty Empire’ is on a roll

Instagram “Beauty empire” is on the move, and the beauty supply brand is getting in on the action with a new “beauty supply” section that is launching in just three weeks. 

The beauty supply section was inspired by the “beautiful” Instagram accounts of Valentino, the creator of the brand, and has a “beautify” section to display his brand’s products. 

On the site, you can find products like a “Beautiful Face Brush” ($19.99), “Beauties for the Beauty Show” ($24.99) and a “Pump Up” ($22.99). 

Beauty fans can also “follow” the accounts and get product updates.

Beauty supply brands are trying to position themselves as “the new trend” in beauty, and Instagram is a prime place to do so. 

“Beauty is a powerful force that can help you live a healthier, happier life, and it can be done with just a few simple steps,” Valentino Beauty, which is owned by Instagram’s parent company Facebook, said in a statement.

“It’s great to see Instagram taking advantage of the power of beauty to help people live better lives, and we look forward to continuing to build on our powerful beauty and wellness content platform.” 

The Instagram beauty empire has a number of products on the site for people to purchase and check out, including the “beauty collection,” a collection of lip glosses, blush, lip gloss, foundation and a lipstick collection.

Instagram Beauty is already available on Instagram, but the beauty department is also planning to launch a beauty store in the next few months. 

A number of beauty brands have been attempting to capitalize on the popularity of Instagram in recent years. 

 L.A.-based L.A. Makeup has a line of lip and nail products called “Makeup for the Holidays” and recently launched a beauty line called “Beautify” which features products like lip gloss and blush. 

Lifesaver, another L.L.

Bean brand, launched a line called Beauty in December of last year and is now selling the products online. 

But Instagram is now getting in the game too, as its beauty department has been able to get more product updates on its social media feeds. 

Instagram also recently launched its Beauty News section where beauty and beauty related products are featured and promoted on the platform.

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