When Will The Next Black Beauty Icon Be Made?

By now, you’ve probably heard of the new Black Beauty icon.

But did you know the first Black Beauty artist?

The woman behind the iconic “Black Beauty” makeup and nail art.

Her name is Mary Lou and she was born in New York City.

Mary Lou, or Mariah for short, was born into an African-American family, but she didn’t always have a comfortable life.

She was raised in a predominately white neighborhood.

She says she’s not one of those people who “is always looking for a reason to be different.”

She wasn’t always in love.

Mary’s mother died when she was a child and her father, who was also an immigrant, left her in the care of her grandmother and a few cousins.

The couple divorced when Mary was five years old.

“I don’t think she ever wanted to go back to being with me, and so I felt like I was left with nothing,” she told the Washington Post.

But Mary never gave up.

She started a makeup company to make her own creations, and it would eventually evolve into the Black Beauty brand that she’s still producing today.

She also worked as a stylist at a beauty salon and was inked for several high-profile collections including a $1.6 million red lipstick with gold glitter.

When she’s free of work, Mary would travel to the Caribbean for holidays and then, at some point, to New York for a few days of work.

“It’s really, really hard,” she says.

“There are a lot of other things I have to do that I’ve never done before.

I have no money.

I don’t have anywhere to live.”

As a result, she’s living on a budget and often taking on more than she’s worth.

“That’s where I feel like I have a lot to offer and I feel really fortunate and blessed to be able to do what I do.”

Mary Lou says that she started making her own beauty products at the age of 15, but her family never bought into her.

She remembers going to a beauty supply store and seeing a woman named Michelle who made her a makeup kit.

It was a dream come true for Mary Lou to be a professional makeup artist.

But she had no idea that she was the first black woman to be called an “artist” or that she would be a fixture in the industry for the next 50 years.

She spent more than half of her career making beauty products and cosmetics, but at some time in her life, she started working in beauty supply stores and then as an assistant.

Mary was able to make enough money to buy a home and started a school in the 1970s.

She then started her own business, but it didn’t take long for her family to realize that she had talent.

“She had a great education and she could do a lot more than just make makeup,” her father told the Post.

“The people that were around her really loved her and wanted to support her.

That was really special.”

Today, Mary Lou is the creator of several makeup and beauty products.

She now also runs her own online store, and her company also has an online store.

Mary also wrote an autobiography titled Black Beauty: A Memoir, which tells her story of overcoming adversity and becoming a successful entrepreneur.

She’s also featured in several popular books, including The New York Times bestseller Black Beauty.

She credits her success to being in a privileged position in her family.

“When you have a strong family, you’re in a better position than most,” she said.

“You have a bigger support network.

You’re not isolated.

You don’t need a lot.

You can have a good job.

You have a house.

You know your kids are going to have a great life.”

Mary told The Washington Post that she believes that if people were to get behind the Black Women’s Movement, “there would be no end to the suffering and the pain that people are going through right now.”

What do you think about Mary Lou’s legacy?

Sound off in the comments section below.

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