Trump’s ‘beautiful sex’ scandal is a ‘shame’ for him

A bombshell report from The Hill on Thursday lays bare the extent of the sexual harassment scandal engulfing President Donald Trump.

The bombshell report, compiled by former Newsweek reporter Maggie Haberman, says Trump had an “unprecedented” amount of sex with women, which included unwanted advances.

The Hill obtained the report by asking Haberman to review the memo and emails from the time of the incidents.”

There were at least five instances of women telling him they had been sexually harassed by senior staff members.”

The Hill obtained the report by asking Haberman to review the memo and emails from the time of the incidents.

She wrote in the report that she was able to verify “a number of allegations against senior staffers and others, but there were several that I had no way of confirming” because of a lack of access to the White House or other relevant records.

She added that the memo “is a damning portrait of Trump, and I think it shows a disturbing pattern.”

The memo alleges that during his time as president, Trump sexually harassed at least 20 women, including at least two of his sons.

Trump fired the first wave of sexual harassment investigations following the release of a 2005 Access Hollywood video in which he was heard boasting about sexual assault and bragging about how he could get away with things because of his celebrity status.

A second wave of investigations were launched after the release in March of a new Trump tape in which Trump bragged about kissing and groping women.

The first two investigations resulted in no charges against Trump, but a third investigation into his behavior with two women in February resulted in charges against former White House intern Natasha Stoynoff and former Apprentice contestant Jill Harth.

The third, and more recent, investigation is still ongoing.

A spokeswoman for Trump’s office declined to comment on the Hill report.

Haberman wrote that Trump was a serial harasser during his presidency, and that his campaign “was not only sexist, it was bullying.”

“He sexually harassed women and intimidated women, and this was all done with a wink and a nod,” she wrote.

Habee wrote that it is “not a surprise” that “when the Trump campaign was at its lowest point and its supporters were demoralized, he would not only make unwanted sexual advances, he openly threatened women in his campaign.”

Habermaid also revealed that Trump’s daughter Ivanka was “shocked” to learn about the harassment allegations.

“Ivanka Trump was shocked to hear that there was a report about her father, but was not surprised to hear about the details,” she said in the article.

“She was a daughter of the president.

She has had a long, proud, and successful life.

She should know better than to listen to these things, and she should know that she is a strong and confident person.”

Habee concluded the piece by warning that, “this pattern is likely to grow worse as Trump has been impeached, faces a serious legal challenge and continues to face serious consequences for his actions.”

Haferman is a veteran reporter for The Hill and the former chief White House correspondent for the New York Times.

The Hill reported her piece in the first week of March.

The Hill also reached out to Ivanka Trump for comment.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment on this report.

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