How to make a gorgeous drawing using a pen and paper

In her blog post, she talks about drawing using the pen and how to draw with it.

It’s quite a simple process to get started, she says, and there are lots of tips to keep things simple.

She also explains how to get the pen out of the way to do things like draw circles, and how she drew some of her favourite characters from her favourite series.

The best part of this tutorial is how it helps you create your own beautiful drawing, she explains.

She describes the process as a ‘painting in progress’ that takes some time to get right.

There are lots and lots of steps to take and the first thing you need to do is draw the outline of your drawing. 

Then, just draw a circle around the outline. 

If you draw circles like this, you’ll notice the outline and you’ll know you’re drawing a circle. 

Once you have your outline drawn, it’s time to draw the circle.

This will be where you draw the edges and curves of the drawing.

The shape of the circle depends on how wide the circle is, she writes.

The bigger the circle, the more of the outline you’ll have. 

When you have the outline drawn you’ll want to draw a line to indicate where to start drawing.

That’s where you’ll start the curve.

It will look something like this. 

You can also make your own curves by drawing a line and drawing it over the outline with your finger. 

Finally, draw the curves.

It is important to keep the shape of your curve straight. 

She writes: I have used a pencil and a marker to make this curve for me.

It really works well, but if you have a better pen, you could also use a paintbrush. 

There are lots more ways to make your drawing beautiful, including a tutorial about how to make beautiful lines and lines with different sizes and shapes.

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