When will we see Huda Beauty?

The makeup company Huda has confirmed that it is launching a new beauty line for its brand of cosmetics.

Launching next year, the HudaBeauty foundation is aimed at highlighting and strengthening the skin.

“It’s an innovative foundation that’s based on the philosophy that the skin should be a reflection of the person, and Huda beauty is designed to give you that glow and glow-in-the-dark skin, which is also part of the foundation formula,” said Huda CEO Dr Ali Sadiq.

“Huda beauty aims to be a perfect foundation that you’ll feel you’re wearing every day, and this is an important part of our vision to change how the world sees beauty.”

Huda Beauty launched its first line of cosmetics in 2013.

It is now one of the biggest beauty brands in the world with more than 100 products under its umbrella.

Huda’s first cosmetics are the Burt’s Bees Burtys Bees Beauty Foundation, a water-based foundation that features five ingredients and uses a pH-balanced formulation.

Its Huda Makeup Foundation, which costs £8, has a pH balance that’s pH balanced at 7.4.

Huda also has its own line of products, which includes an eyeliner and brow powder.

The foundation range is priced at £49.99 ($72.79) for a single size, and the Bentleys Bee Burtyn’s Bees Beauty Gel Eye Pencil for £3.99, and is available in sizes up to six.

This is a range that is expected to become more popular as Huda continues to expand its beauty range, and that is what is important with the launch of Hudabeauty, which it says will become a “must-have” for the cosmetics industry.

“We’ve created a range of products that are meant to help our customers achieve their dream of having a flawless complexion,” said Dr Sadiq, “and we hope that the Hula beauty brand will help us inspire others to achieve their vision of having flawless skin”.

Huda says its Burtis Bees Bumblebee Beauty Foundation is the foundation that is targeting those who have a darker complexion, with a pH level of 6.3.

There are no skincare products included in the launch, which also includes a moisturiser and a blush.

However, the cosmetics giant is looking at making the range available in other colourways as well, which will make it easier to target people with skin tones ranging from lighter to darker.

Hudas beauty line includes a number of foundation shades, which are priced at around £12 ($19).

“The Hula Beauty foundation range will provide a range with a variety of shades that will compliment the natural look of the skin,” said Sadiq about the launch.

He added that the products will be available to purchase in India, China, the UK and the US.

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