How to save money on beauty products at Ulta Beauty

You can save money when shopping at UltA Beauty in India.

The beauty retailer has launched the #SaveMoneyIndia campaign, in which customers can buy products with their credit cards at the outlet without paying cash.

Ulta India launched the campaign on September 25, 2017, with the goal of getting people to spend Rs 1,000 on beauty supplies, instead of Rs 300.

In addition to the sale, Ulta offers free gift cards to those who spend Rs 500, Rs 1000, Rs 1 lakh and Rs 2 lakh on beauty items.

Ulta is yet to release details of the total value of its beauty supply stores in India, but according to the company, its Indian beauty stores have been a hit with customers.

“We are currently working with our local partner to launch our first stores in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru and other Indian cities in the next two to three months,” Ulta spokesperson said.

The beauty retailer is one of the leading beauty retailers in India and is the country’s second-largest beauty retailer after Sephora.

Ulta’s Indian operations have been able to tap into the growing beauty demand in the country, according to analyst Anurag Gogoi, who noted that the retailer has been able reach out to more women.

“We believe the beauty market in India is now at its peak and this is a great opportunity for the retailer to diversify into a bigger market and offer a wider range of products,” Gogai said.

“The store experience is more affordable, as there is no charge for entry and they are offering discounts on all their products, as well as free shipping.

Ultas India has also been able set up a number of loyalty programs, with customers receiving discounts and freebies on everything from cosmetics to jewellery.”

In August, UltasIndia announced that it will be launching its first retail store in Mumbai on September 1.

Ultatoday’s Gogoni also suggested that the company’s retail stores would likely expand in the future, citing that the Indian beauty market is currently one of its fastest growing in the world.

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